Comments from Past Classes

Don’t just take our word for it. Here are some comments we’ve received from past class participants.

Jim was hilarious, which made it fun to learn about what he had to say. I took lots of notes and will be adding them into my plan! Thanks, Jim!

Great presentation and got some great ideas! I feel a little better that I am on the right track!

Very good presentation, excellent info on home defense.

Really enjoyed this presenter. Very informative.

Because of what I learned, I am amending my own plan.

Jim wins hands down for me as the best speaker so far. Excellent
preparation and not the constant “you know” throughout his presentation. Enjoyed it, and funny too

Great presentation – informative, plus the presenter was very funny. I loved it!

WOW! I think this is my favourite presentation so far. Superb information, great flow, well organized. Definitely a winner here!

Great topic and informative speaker! Lots of good ideas here! Thank you!

Thanks, Mr. Cobb– you’re my hands-down favorite, so far.

Jim (has) good info and insight. Loved the simplicity of a windchime on a door and definitely changing the screws on my hinges. Good lessons and thank you for your time!

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