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Our approach to educating about disaster readiness is based upon being realistic and with a common sense approach. For example, despite what stereotypes regarding prepping may indicate, we do not advocate any sort of “head for the hills and live off the land” planning. Instead, we focus on simple and often low-cost ways the average person can be better prepared for whatever life may throw their way.

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Jim Cobb is the owner of and lead trainer for Disaster Prep Consultants. He is the author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller Prepper’s Home Defense, as well as numerous other books, all of which may be found here on Amazon. Jim has been a speaker at several disaster preparedness conventions, including the 2011 Survival & Preparedness Expo in Dallas, Texas, the 2013 Living Ready Expo in Atlanta, Georgia, and the 2015 NPS Expo in Louisville, Kentucky.

His numerous online radio appearances have been very well received, with frequent returns on shows like Doom and Bloom, Destiny Survival, and Survival & Beyond. He also hosts a bimonthly online video show at Around the Cabin.

In the corporate world, Jim has had vast experience with teaching and training, addressing topics as varied as sexual harassment, conflict resolution, workplace violence, and loss prevention. He has been involved with devising and writing policies and procedures on these and similar topics for Fortune 500 companies.

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