We believe one of the best ways people learn is through being entertained.  Therefore, each of the classes offered by Disaster Prep Consultants is educational without being dry, informational without being overwhelming.  Best of all, for you corporate types, NO POWERPOINT!

There is no need to arrange for your employees or group members to travel anywhere because we come to you! This allows your team to get back to their duties as quickly as possible, without incurring any travel expenses for them. We are located in Wisconsin, about halfway between Milwaukee and Madison. Please click here to see the areas we regularly visit.

Rest assured that none of the classes we offer are merely thinly veiled infomercials where we try to upsell products and services.  Each and every class contains nothing but practical information attendees can put to use that same day.  While in some classes we talk about items one may need to purchase, by way of example only will we mention any specific product or brand name.

What are the class fees?

Provided the class is held at a location within our normal service area, we charge a flat fee of $300.00 per class session for up to 20 people. For groups larger than 20, please inquire for class fees.

Our current class offerings:

Disaster Planning 101

DIY Survival Kits (Session 1)

DIY Survival Kits (Session 2)

Bug Out Planning

Prepping with Children

DIY Home Security

Post-Collapse Barter and Trade

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Let’s talk about a customized learning session that will meet your needs.

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