DIY Survival Kits (Session 1)

Building a survival kit is often one of the first steps a person takes in their journey to become better prepared.  Not only is this an important element of any survival plan, it can be quite fun too!

In this class, we show you how to create two different survival kits, consisting primarily of items most people already have around the house.  The first kit is made from an Altoids tin or similar sized container.  This kit is small enough to be carried in a purse or pocket, yet robust enough to meet many of your needs in a survival situation.

The second kit is sometimes called a “get home bag” or “bug out bag.”  This kit is something you would keep in the car, at your desk, or in a closet at home and be grabbed and taken with you during an emergency.

Class attendees will receive several handouts to be used when creating their own kits, as well as some other surprise takeaways.

Class length: 75 minutes

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