Prepping with Children

Being better prepared for emergencies when children are in the mix is a two-fold problem. First, you need to be sure to account for the needs of the children and young adults. Second, you also need to discuss these emergencies with the children ahead of time so they know what to do and when to do it.

In this session, we will address both of those issues. We’ll discuss the needs of children so you don’t overlook something in your planning, taking into account how quickly they grow and how those needs change. Then, we will give you great information on how to best approach the subject of disaster readiness when speaking with your children, being sure to keep things at an age-appropriate level. You certainly don’t want to scare the kids with stories of gloom and doom but they need to be assured you, as a loving caregiver, have taken steps to ensure their safety and well-being. We also touch upon how children commonly react during and after disasters and some ways to help them overcome the emotional and psychological issues that sometimes crop up.

Class length: 75 minutes

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